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Promodo like Countdown timer to increase your productivity
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8 January 2014

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In course of our work we often tend to loose track of time. An average office worker may end up spending hours on his PC without taking a break. However performing monotonous tasks for hours on stretch can affect your productivity and leave you stressed out. Hence you need to take short breaks to retain your effectiveness and reenergize yourself. Now we have just the right sort of tool that can help you take regular breaks and also keep a schedule of the work. By installing the BreakAlarm 13.03.02 you will get regular prompts to take due breaks and also track what you have done.

Just launch the BreakAlarm 13.03.02 and set the alarm counter as per your preference. For example you can set it to an hour and take a break when the alarm goes off. Once the time is over you will be prompted by an alarm window where you can place a comment on what you have done during the said duration. During the course of the day you can thus check all that you have achieved by clicking on the history option. It will essentially list down the start and end time of each work session along with your comments mentioning the progress of your work. The alarm makes great sense for high school and college students who need to catch up on different topics and use this application to change the time they offer to each subject. You can even use it to plan breaks between dance or sports lessons too.

After using the BreakAlarm 13.03.02 application we can safely say that this little piece of software can go a long way in rejuvenating your working day while improving productivity at the same time. For its rather simple and effortless performance we rate it with a score of three rating stars on a scale of 5.

Publisher's description

Minimal countdown timer to control work flow. I realize that I work more productive if I make breaks each 45 minutes.Here is my implementation of promodo like timer for Windows. If you need to have brakes in other periods, please use program settings and modify timer period. Now application is very simple it shows a message and logs time when timer starts/stops/finishes.In history you can see how much time you have been working, when the work started and finished. Now history is saved on our server.
Version 14.01
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